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Studies in the Logic of Charles Sanders Peirce

Edited by Nathan Houser, Don D. Roberts, and James Van Evra

Hardcover (May 1997), Indiana University Press; ISBN: 0253330203

Table of Contents

FOREWORD, Jaakko Hintikka

PREFACE, Risto Hilpinen

1. INTRODUCTION: Peirce as Logician, Nathan Houser

2. Peirce between Logic and Mathematics, Ivor Grattan-Guinness

3. Peirce's Axiomatization of Arithmetic, Paul Shields

4. Peirce's Philosophical Conception of Sets, Randall R. Dipert

5. Peirce's Pre-Logistic Account of Mathematics, Angus Kerr-Lawson

6. Peirce's Theoremic/Corollarial Distinction and the Interconnections between Mathematics and Logic, Stephen H. Levy

7. Peirce and Russell: The History of a Neglected Controversy, Benjamin S. Hawkins, Jr.

8. Logic and Mathematics in Charles Sanders Peirce's "Description of a Notation for the Logic of Relatives", James Van Evra

9. Relations and Quantification in Peirce's Logic, Daniel D. Merrill

10. From the Algebra of Relations to the Logic of Quantifiers, Geraldine Brady

11. The Role of the Matrix Representation in Peirce's Development of the Quantifiers, Alan J. Iliff

12. Peirce on the Application of Relations to Relations, Robert W. Burch

13. Peirce's Reduction Thesis, Robert W. Burch

14. Genuine Triads and Teridentity, Jacqueline Brunning

15. Peirce's Influence on Logic in Poland, Henry Hiz

16. Tarski's Development of Peirce's Logic of Relations, Irving H. Anellis

17. New Light on Peirce's Iconic Notation for the Sixteen Binary Connectives, Glenn Clark

18. Untapped Potential in Peirce's Iconic Notation for the Sixteen Binary Connectives, Shea Zellweger

19. A Decision Method for Existential Graphs, Don D. Roberts

20. Peirce and Philo, Jay Zeman

21. Matching Logical Structure to Linguistic Structure, John F. Sowa

22. The Interconnectedness of Peirce's Diagrammatic Thought, Beverley Kent

23. What Is Deduction?, E. James Crombie

24. Peirce and the Structure of Abductive Inference, Tomis Kapitan

25. Logic, Learning, and Creativity in Evolution, Arthur W. Burks

26. A Nonmonotonic Approach to Tychist Logic, Ana H. Marostica

27. The Development of Peirce's Theories of Proper Names, Jarrett Brock

28. Charles Peirce's Theory of Proper Names, Jeffrey R. DiLeo




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Jaqueline Brunning & Paul Forster, eds., The Rule of Reason: The Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1997.