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CG for the phrase `conceptual graphs'

Conceptual graphs (CGs) are a system of logic based on the existential graphs of Charles Sanders Peirce and the semantic networks of artificial intelligence. They express meaning in a form that is logically precise, humanly readable, and computationally tractable. With a direct mapping to language, conceptual graphs serve as an intermediate language for translating computer-oriented formalisms to and from natural languages. With their graphic representation, they serve as a readable, but formal design and specification language. CGs have been implemented in a variety of projects for information retrieval, database design, expert systems, and natural language processing.

For examples of conceptual graphs and their translations to predicate calculus and the Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF):

Examples using the standard HTML 4.0 symbol definitions

Examples using the symbols font in MS Windows (suitable for older versions of Navigator or Internet Explorer).

For the conceptual graph standard:

Recently updated Working draft of the proposed ISO standard

For a bibliography of books and conference proceedings about conceptual graphs:

CG bibliography

For links to other information about conceptual graphs, including conferences and tools:

CG home page at the University of Alabama at Hunstville

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